About Woman of Valor Community

Woman of Valor is a biblical poem, an ode to the feminine and a metaphor for the Shekhinah, the Divine Feminine Presence.

On the surface, the poem describes the perfect woman of biblical times. When we delve into the deeper meaning behind the poem, it portrays and activates the Divine Feminine.

We will explore the different facets of the feminine archetypes and traverse through their light and shadow as we heal the personal and collective. 

Woman, the giver of life. The bearer of the heart. The outpouring of love. Ancient Grandmother. Nurturing Mother. Soul Sister. Beloved Daughter. 

We are Women of Valor.

The Divine Feminine in Human Form.

Woman of Valor is a world-class community of powerful, sensitive, and embodied women striving to reach the pinnacle of living in the most majestic way.

Experience the flowering empowerment of the Feminine, a subtle, potent, and all-embracing way to live, love and share your gifts with the world. Journey towards self-mastery on the inner plane and witness the miracles that unfold all around you. Experience optimal health, abundant energy, and self-confidence. Reclaim your power and femininity and become a beacon for other women in their awakening.

The Woman of Valor retreats, conferences and programs offer cutting-edge resources for personal, communal and global feminine expression in a supportive, elevating and inspirational environment. These programs bring women together to embody their deep essences, where the Divine Feminine is activated, revealed, and celebrated. 

We are here to welcome you home to the sacredness that has always resided within. We are here to dust each other off from the trials and tribulations of the past as we enter the portal of a new journey towards love, gratitude, surrender, peace, happiness, sensuality, compassion, forgiveness, abundance, self-expression and fulfillment of our souls' deepest longings.

Our journey is one of Circles and Spirals. Togetherness and Elevation. Illuminating Light from Darkness. Let us twirl until we fall into the depths of Love. This is our Initiation. Join us as we enter into the timeless, ever-evolving, and mysterious paradigm of the Divine Feminine.